Saturday, February 11, 2012

Top 10 Roller Coasters

Saw: The Ride

Location: Thorpe Park, United Kingdom

If you are looking for the full experience of a thrill ride, look no further than Saw: The Ride at Thorpe Park. This steel roller coaster is so scary that the line working your way up to the ride is scary. The line is filled with scenes from the SAW movies and puts a slight fear into its riders. This 100 foot high rollercoaster makes you feel like you are in the movie and that Jigsaw has a plan for you. The 100 degree drop on the coaster makes this the third steepest steel roller coaster in the world. After your frightening ride you can pick up a DVD of the entire ride so that you can see just how scary it really was.

El Toro

Location: Six Flags Great Adventure, New Jersey

This wooden roller coaster is consistently ranked one of the best in the world. In 2010 it was ranked #1 on Mitch Hawker’s Best Wooden Tracked Roller Coaster Poll and also #2 in the Golden Ticket Award’s Top Ten Wooden Roller Coasters. This roller coaster provides one of the best wooden roller coaster experiences by ranking in the top three in the world in steepness (76 degrees), height (188 feet), and speed (70 mph).

Formula Rossa

Location: Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Do you want a fast roller coaster? Can you think of a better place to go than Ferrari World? The Formula Rossa is a steel coaster that stands at 171 feet high and is the third longest steel roller coaster at about 1.4 miles in length. However, that is not what makes this roller coaster special. This is the fastest roller coaster in the world, and honestly, nothing else is even close. At its top speed, the roller coaster reaches 150 mph in only 4.9 seconds. The next fastest roller coaster only reaches 128 mph. So if pure speed is what you are after make a trip to Ferrari World and hop on the Formula Rossa.

Kingda Ka

Location: Six Flags Great Adventure, New Jersey

This steel roller coaster provides an amazing thrill in an extremely short period of time. In less than a minute you will travel up and down on the world’s tallest roller coaster. Standing at 456 feet high with the world’s highest drop at 418 feet, this roller coaster is a must for any thrill seeker. Also if you like speed, to get a roller coaster up and down from that height you need a fast roller coaster and Kingda Ka does not disappoint as the second fastest roller coaster at 128 mph.

T Express

Location: Everland, South Korea

This wooden track is one of the best in the world. It was the first wooden roller coaster in South Korea and in 2010 was rated #1 in Mitch Hawker’s Best Wooden Tracked Roller Coaster Poll and also #1 best, most thrilling roller coaster in Theme Park Review. This roller coaster is in the top ten for wooden roller coasters in virtually every category. It is second in steepness (77 degrees) and height (183 feet), fifth in length (5,384 feet) and tallest drop (151 feet), and eight in speed (65 mph).

Steel Hawg

Location: Indiana Beach, Indiana

This US steel roller coaster stands 96 feet high and was the birthplace of the outside turn. The outside turn provides riders with the unusual feeling of banking to the left or right and turning in the opposite direction. Also, this roller coaster has the steepest drop in the US at 111 degrees falling only one degree short of the steepest drop in the world, held by Mumbo Jumbo in the UK.
ColossosLocation: Heide Park, Germany
Colossos is the world’s fastest wooden roller coaster at 74.6 mph. The speed of this roller coaster, along with the fact that it is the tallest wooden roller coaster at 196 feet, and the second tallest wooden roller coaster drop at 176 feet, makes it a very intriguing visit for anyone planning on visiting Germany. In 2010 it was rated #7 in Mitch Hawker’s Best Wooden Tracked Roller Coaster Poll.

Expedition GeForce

Location: Holiday Park, Germany

Making the trip to Germany and want to see some great roller coasters? Do not forget to try out Expedition GeForce. It is the only roller coaster outside of the U.S. to make the top ten in the Golden Ticket Awards by achieving recognition as the #6 steel roller coaster in 2010. Also it was ranked the #2 steel roller coaster in Mitch Hawker’s Best Wooden Tracked Roller Coaster Poll in 2010. This roller coaster provides riders with seven periods of weightlessness , an unbelievable experience.


Location: Six Flags New England, Massachusetts

For those people who have not heard of this roller coaster, it was formerly known as Superman: the Ride of Steel. This roller coaster tops the steel roller coaster rankings. In 2010 it was #2 in the Golden Ticket Awards and it was ranked the #1 steel roller coaster in Mitch Hawker’s Best Wooden Tracked Roller Coaster Poll. Although it is not in the top ten in the categories most of the other roller coasters are in, the overall experience of the roller coaster is one of the best, if not the best, in the world.

Mumbo Jumbo

Location: Flamingo Land Resort, United Kingdom

The steepest drop, not only in Europe but in the world, belongs to Mumbo Jumbo. The 122 degree drop makes this roller coaster an unforgettable experience for any of its riders. The Mumbo Jumbo name comes from the park, poking fun at the way that all of the other places promote their roller coasters.

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